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  Al-Quran for Nokia Series  


Al-Dhiker 1.0 [Beta Version]
Quran for Nokia Mobile Series
[Stay Connected with Quran]


The Al-Dhiker 1.0 is a software for the Nokia Mobile series that let you read The complete Holy Al-Quran in Uthmanic style in different font styles on your Nokia mobile.

The software allows easy navigation and Surah and Ayah selection. You can also read the translation of the Quran in 25 different languages. The bookmarking feature will let you read the Quran from where you stop last time.


- Complete Al-Quran (114 Surah)
- Complete Translation of the Holy Quran in 25 languages as below:
- Albanian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Ducth
- Englsih, Finnish, French, German
- Hausa, Indonesian, Italian, Latin
- Malaysian, Persian, Polish, Purtuegese
- Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish
- Tamil, Thai, Transliteration
- Turkish, Urdu
- Easy Menu Selection for Surah, Ayah and Translation
- Bookmarking
- Different Font Size and Styles

How to Download:

1. Download the Phone Model reference sheet and see which Symbion Version your Nokia Model support.
- Nokia_models.pdf
2. Download any one of the AlQuran.sis file from below:
- AlQuran_symbion_9_1.rar
- AlQuran_symbion_9_2.rar
- AlQuran_symbion_9_3.rar
3. Download the data folder from below:

How To Install:

Please follow the following steps.

1. Turn ON your Nokia Mobile.
2. Open the application Manager?
3. Click Left-Soft-Key to open the "Options" menu
4. From the menu list, choose the point "settings"
5. Switch the option software Installation to "all"
6. Switch the option online certif. check to "off"
7a. Transfer AlQuran.sis file via Bluetooth to the handset. The File appears as a message. Open the message and install the file.
7b. Copy the AlQuran.sis file on a Storage Card and install from there
7c. Alternatively, use Nokia PC Suite to install the file.
8. While installing continue on the certificate warning message.
9. Place the data folder named 'EnmacData' on phone's Memory card in the root.

How to Use:

Launch the Al-Dhiker application. Quran Menu will be shown.

On the Quran Menu:
- Press up/down key to select a setting.
- To change a setting value press center key.
- Press left hotkey to open options menu and then select Start to launch the Al-Quran screen at the selected location.
- Press right hotkey to exit the application.

On the Al-Quran Text screen:
- Press the down key to toggle between Arabic and selected translation language.
- Press the up key to change font for the selected language (Arabic or Translation).
- Press left/right key to move backward/forward one Ayah.
- Press left hotkey to open options menu.
- Press right hotkey to go back to menu.

How to Register:

Once your Quran software is installed and running. After reading every 3 Ayah of Quran, there will be a message to register the software.

Please go to Register page to do registeration online. You would first need to buy the License Key from any Authorised ENMAC dealer.

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