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  GSM Mobile Phone plus Digital Quran Player
MQ6200 (Flip version)


MQ6200 Brochure
Download MQ6200 Manual

  Digital Quran Features:                        
GSM Mobile Features:

 - Flip Design
 - Arabic & English Manu
 - GSM 900/DCS 1800
 - Phone Book & Call History
 - SMS, MMS, Chat, Voice Mail
 - GPRS and WAP Service
 - Broadcast Messages
 - Voice Recorder and Player
 - 176 X 220 Pixels, TFT Color    LCD (2.2 Inch)
 - NO Camera and NO USB    options for music uploading

 - Device  
 - Earphone
 - Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
 - AC/DC Adapter charger
 - Bat Cradle charger
 - User Manual
 - Qibla Compass
 - Surah Index
 - USB Cable for Battery


 Net Weight:0.552 Kg (complete)
 Carton Wt:11.8 Kg (20 pcs/carton)
 Carton Size:54 x 38 x 26.5 cm

   - Quran Translation in following 7 languages:

     English, French, Turkish, German, Indonesian, Malaysian, Urdu

   - Recitation in the voices of Sheikh Sudais & Sheikh Shuraim
   - Complete Quran in Arabic text
   - Beautiful Uthmanic Arabic text style Font
   - Complete Tafseer (Tafseer Ibn Katheer) of Holy Qur'an in Arabic Language

   - Hadith Collection:
         * Sahih Bukhari (Arabic Language)
         * Sahih Muslim (Arabic Language)
         * Riaz-uz-Saliheen (Arabic Language)

   - Prayer Times:
     Fajar, Shrook, Zuhar, Asar, Maghrib, Isha

     Prayer times are calculated using the "World Muslim League" method

   - Qibla Direction:
     Shows the Qibla Direction for selected City.(World-Wide)

     The Qibla Direction is always measured clockwise from the North.

   - Manual Settings:
     Manual Settings for Country/City
     Juristic settings options: Hanfi, Shafii, Malki, Hambili
     Menu Language in Arabic & English

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