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  Digital Quran   


DQ04 Brochure
Download DQ04 Manual

  Product Features:                               

 - Built-in Speaker
 - Voice Recorder
 - LCD with backlight for night    Use

 Gift Packing
 - Device  
 - Pouch
 - Qibla Compass
 - AAA Battery
 - User Manual
 - Surah Index
 - Manual
 - Battery Charger
 - Earphone



 Net Weight:0.25 Kg (complete)
 Carton Wt:14.6 Kg (50 pcs/carton)
 Carton Size:50.5 x 35 x 32.5 cm

   - Recitation of Holy Quran in voices of Suddais & Shurraim
   - Translation of the Quran in 7 Languages
   - Beautiful Uthmanic Arabic text style Font
   - Names of Allah (images & Audio)
   - Dua Khatum ul Quran by Sheikh Suddais

   - Tafseer & Hadeeth books
         * Tafseer Ibn-e-Katheer
         * Riyadh-us-Saliheen

   - Qibla Direction:
     Shows the Qibla Direction for selected City.(World-Wide)

     The Qibla Direction is always measured clockwise from the North.

   - Manual Settings:
     Manual Settings for Country/City
     Juristic settings options: Hanfi, Shafii, Malki, Hambili
     Menu Language in Arabic & English


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